Conversation is an art but can be intimidating in your second language. Every interaction and conversation is an opportunity to learn from those around you, but you want to feel confident and able to express yourself. In an international environment – such as at a language school – you are surrounded by people from all over the world with different cultures, customs, and opinions on life. As English has become a global language, traveling and communicating effectively has become more accessible – an Argentinian and German might share English as their common language.

As an English language student, every social situation gives you the opportunity to practice the English you know and what you have learned in the classroom throughout your study abroad experience. It’s taking theory and putting it into practice while having a good time! Interlink School is located next to the pristine beaches of Cape Town, surrounded by mountains and a stone’s throw from the bustling city center. We are in the prime position to offer our students social experiences that make their time in South Africa that much more unforgettable.

We offer our students an optional weekly social programme (after class times) coordinated by the school. Each week we give the students the opportunity to explore a different part of the city with a fun activity that’s facilitated by one of our teachers. Having a teacher present who encourages conversation in English gives the students an authentic feeling of discovering the Mother City with a local. The students have a great time, interact and bond with each other while speaking English! Have a look at some of our socials from the Summer of 2017 – it might spark your wanderlust and desire to learn!

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