Business English

BUSINESS ENGLISH – Intermediate to Advanced This course is a combination of the general English programme and a business English programme where grammar and vocabulary are practised in a work context and business skills such as presentations, telephoning, negotiations and business writing are also practised. Lessons per week: 30 x 50-minute group lessons Levels: Intermediate (B1) to Advanced (C1) Lesson times: 09:00 – 15:30, Monday to Friday




The aims of the course are to enable candidates to develop the ability to:

  • understand and write English used in a variety of ways within a range of business contexts
  • employ appropriate business formats and styles to produce a range of business documents for different audiences and purposes
  • understand spoken and recorded Business English at the defined level
  • participate in conversations and discussions
  • make an oral presentation on a business-related topic

This course is intended for students who have reached a standard of productive English usage which will create an extremely good impression of their language skills. There would be no need for close supervision and scrutiny of the English of a successful student at this level. Linguistic and stylistic errors of all types will be rare. The techniques for handling, displaying, interpreting, transferring and reformulating information already introduced at the previous levels will be utilised for more advanced tasks.