Community Welfare Project For Children

Creating space to live and a better future for the children of South Africa!

Sir Lowrys Pass Village–45km south-east of Cape Town–with its 9000 township residents is a typical example of the cultural diversity of the rainbow nation. Coloureds, Blacks, Zulus and Xhosas – in shacks of corrugated iron, cardboard and plastic–share the limited living areas. Here, unemployment, crime and AIDS severely challenge the daily struggle for survival.

Since its establishment in 2004, the aim of this project has been to create a beacon of hope amid this cycle of poverty–starting with the children. Against this background the current and future projects primarily aim to create the pre-requisites for educational possibilities appropriate to the talents of the children, thereby opening the door to a brighter future.

In November 2009 the childrens village opened. The concept is similar to that of the SOS Childrens villages. Each of the four houses can accommodate up to six orphans or abused and abandoned children, ranging from 18 months to 12 years old.

Each unit is headed by a house- mother, supported by volunteers.


The Pre-school can accommodate 140 boys and girls between 3–6 years old. Teachers and volunteers as teacher aids instruct the little ones in their activities, trying to instil curiosity to discover new things, as well as basic hygiene, perseverance and people skills in dealing with play mates and siblings. There are 4 classrooms. 1 taught in Afrikaans and 3 in English. The pre-school is not only for the children from the childrens village, it serves the very poor community of Sir Lowrys Pass as well.

Primary School

To carry on the educational concept of the pre-school, a primary school was established. 25 first-year pupils started their school careers in January 2011 and a further 27 boys and girls followed in 2012. Now the school goes up to grade 5 and next year in 2016 grade 6 will be added, which means in 2017 it will be a primary school with all grades. There are 140 children with 1 class per grade and the children study in English.

Working day

In the morning volunteers will help the house mother in the children s village to bath and feed the toddlers, and play with the little ones until 11am. From 11 am–1pm volunteers will be at the pre-school assisting the teachers. After lunch they will be at the primary school, helping the children with homework, or just have some play time with them.Friday is slightly different. After helping the house mother, volunteers will help to make sandwiches for the afternoon.

Every Friday afternoon they feed +-250 children (a lot of them are street kids), and also do some activities with them, for example drama and art.


South Africa, Western Cape, Strand
Minimum stay:
10 weeks
Working hours:
Monday–Thursday: 8am–4pm & Friday: 8am–3.30pm

What’s included:

Shared room and bathroom in a secure beachfront apartment along The Strand, a 5-kilometer strip of beautiful white, sandy coastline.
– Continental breakfast
– Transport to and from the project
– Return transfers to and from the airport
– 24/7 support by the volunteer staff


CV + police clearance certificate