English Level Test

Welcome to your English Level Test. Please note that this is a multiple choice test in which you must select the ONE answer which will make the sentence grammatically correct.

Please note that this is a test to check your theoretical level of English only! Do NOT use a dictionary or get help from anyone, simply answer what you can! You will have 60 minutes to answer as many questions as you can. Thank you and GOOD LUCK!

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1. I ___ a student of English.
2. This is Carlos. He's ___.
3. She's from Tokyo. She ___ Japanese.
4. They ___ Spanish. They're from Italy.
5. ___'s your first name?
6. These are your books and ___ are mine.
7. I love music but I ___ like T.V.
8. ___ she like sport?
9. When ___ have lunch?
10. Do you like ___ DVD's?
11. They start ___ school at 8.00 in the morning.
12. Peter's ___ name is Michael.
13. She's very friendly but she ___ very quiet.
14. He hasn't got ___ brothers and sisters.
15. How many children ___ got?
16. There are a lot of CD's on the ___.
17. ___ a sofa and two armchairs in the living room.
18. Are there ___ wardrobes in the bedroom?
19. The cinema is ___ the bank.
20. Can I have a ___ of milk, please?
21. You ___ buy shoes in a post office.
22. How ___ vegetables do you eat every day?
23. Is there ___ butter in the fridge?
24. He ___ afraid of the dark when he was young.
25. We ___ born in 1985.
26. My birthday is on September ___.
27. They ___ to France when they were six.
28. ___ did you last see them?
29. They went for a picnic with some friends ___ Sunday.
30. We went ___ at the weekend.
31. ___ they do a lot of sport when they were at school?
32. Is Chinese food ___ than English food?
33. He stayed at the ___ hotel in town.
34. Today is ___ than yesterday.
35. They ___ their homework now.
36. What ___ doing at the moment?
37. What ___ your sister look like?
38. She ___ jeans to work.
39. They ___ a taxi to the airport an hour ago.
40. He goes to work ___ train
41. Can you tell me the ___ to the library?
42. You ___ drive a car in the centre of town. It isn't allowed.
43. You ___ to walk, you can take a bus.
44. He ___ to move to another country.
45. I'm ___ learn to cook.
46. We walked ten kilometres so we ___ hungry now.
47. Don't stay up late or you ___ be tired tomorrow.
48. Let's ___ tennis this afternoon.
49. I've got a bad headache. I ___ take an aspirin.
50. I woke up late ___ I missed my train.
51. Please turn the radio down. It's ___.
52. Sorry, I don't understand. Please speak ___.
53. ___ you ever flown in a helicopter?
54. ___ make you a coffee?
55. He ___ climbed a mountain in his life.
56. Our last family celebration ___ my sister's wedding.
57. I ___ London because I got a job there.
58. When did she decide ___ married?
59. What's the first thing you do when you ___ work?
60. She's a very busy personal trainer so she ___ takes a holiday.
61. What ___ on at the moment?
62. I don't mind ___ up sometimes.
63. Are you ___ the new exhibition at the National Gallery?
64. I ___ them for dinner at eight tonight.
65. Have you ever ___ a dangerous sport?
66. ___ wrote the play, Hamlet?
67. I ___ dinner when I heard a strange noise.
68. You ___ be late for school again.
69. We should avoid ___ in August.
70. You ___ wear a suit. It's a very formal party.
71. He's studied Spanish ___ last year.
72. How long have you ___ him?
73. What's the matter? Have you ___ a cold?
74. It ___ rain tomorrow. It's going to be a very wet day.
75. I ___ wear a uniform to school.
76. They used to live ___ Australia.
77. There aren't any cinemas in the town ___ I live.
78. I traveled around the world for a year ___ learn about other cultures.
79. He married the girl ___ used to sit next to him at school.
80. Children spend ___ hours watching T.V.
81. Can I try this coat ___, please?
82. I don't have ___ to do the things I enjoy.
83. It's ___ beautiful house I've ever seen.
84. There's more traffic and ___ space to walk in the streets nowadays.
85. I think travelling by plane is ___ easier than travelling by car.
86. She worked as a teacher in ___ Africa.
87. The phone's ringing. It ___ be Maria. She always calls me at this time.
88. He ___ to work in his company's office in Shanghai.
89. I ___ that I'm like my father.
90. The postman hasn't delivered the parcel ___.
91. My brother ___ passed his exams.
92. A lot of people think that if they ___ lots of money, they'll be very happy.
93. What ___ happen if he doesn't get here in time?
94. If you save some money, you ___ to worry any more.
95. He ___ me my book, would be a great success.
96. She told me she ___ buy me a new one.
97. What would they do if they ___ have any money?
98. I'd do more exercise if I ___ time.
99. ___ be possible to reserve a table for tonight?
100. Could you ___ a good film?
101. He's French but he ___ in London at the moment.
102. When ___ arrive?
103. Who ___ all this mess?
104. What ___ of doing now?
105. I ___ all weekend.
106. We ___ to work when we heard a loud crash behind us.
107. Have you told them the good news ___?
108. ___ Thai food?
109. They ___ to take her address so they had to go back and get it.
110. He ___ there before so he found it very exciting.
111. We ___ on holiday tomorrow so I hope the weather stays warm.
112. They ___ to call at this time of night.
113. Do you think they ___ the championship?
114. The room ___ look more cheerful if you paint it yellow.
115. He ___ to win the championship. He's not playing well enough.
116. People ___ smoke in public buildings.
117. You ___ enter the marathon if you don't want to.
118. I ___ find another job. I can't work with that awful boss any more.
119. I ___ be very good at sports when I was a teenager.
120. She ___ in a bank for over twenty years.
121. She is one of ___ students in her class.
122. These shoes were ___ expensive than I wanted to pay.
123. That shop's not ___ it used to be.
124. We ___ have to leave yet, do we?
125. His father was a famous writer, ___?
126. I can't work if I ___ very hungry.
127. He won't pass the exam ___ he studies a lot more.
128. Would you lend me your car if I ___ to drive it carefully?
129. He ___ see the film if he went with an adult.
130. If I ___ you, I'd take it back to the shop.
131. How long have you ___ the violin?
132. I ___ listening to jazz music.
133. He ___ swim when he was five but he can't dive yet.
134. We ___ to go to the match but we managed to watch it on T.V.
135. I've just seen ___ perfect car for you.
136. I didn't know they had a summer cottage ___ south coast of Spain.
137. They seem to have ___ money but they don't have many friends.
138. We don't have ___ time or money to go on holiday.
139. She's the woman ___ son is a famous pop star.
140. Is that the coat ___ you said you wanted to buy?
141. I have moved to Devon ___ my parents were born.
142. We ___ arrived on time if the traffic hadn't been so bad.
143. What ___ if you hadn't been there?
144. They ___ told what to do yet.
145. The furniture ___ by her husband, who used to be a carpenter.
146. They didn't want to do it but the boss said they ___ to.
147. She said she ___ to do it last weekend.
148. I asked her if she ___ my new mobile.
149. He promised ___ me decorate my house.
150. Why don't we ___ to take them to the airport?
151. What ___ after that?
152. Do you mind me asking how old ___?
153. ___ to know what's going on.
154. They ___ in a large house for 20 years before moving to a bungalow.
155. Have you heard from your brother ___?
156. I ___ for my car keys for half an hour. I think I've lost them.
157. Where are my books? I ___ them on the table last night.
158. Her parents are very proud. She ___ a fantastic job in a law firm.
159. How much do you think he ___ as director of the company?
160. You ___ what to do when you get there.
161. I ___ sharing a flat but now I prefer to live on my own.
162. They'll never get used ___ in the countryside.
163. Shops ___ from 8.30 a.m. until 6 p.m. tomorrow.
164. He ___ hungry when he gets home from football practice.
165. She ___ come if you tell her two weeks before.
166. When we walked into the hotel, a log fire ___ in the fireplace.
167. He ___ for his plane for an hour when it was suddenly cancelled.
168. My car's just broken down for the third time. I wish I ___ it.
169. I didn't feel like going to the party. I ___ an excuse.
170. If only ___ a foreign language. I didn't have the choice at school.
171. How many people have climbed ___ Mount Everest?
172. The children played in the garden with ___ dogs.
173. If you lend me 200 Euro, I ___ you back at the end of the month.
174. If I ___ to your proposal, when could we sign the contract?
175. Children under 15 could attend ___ they were with an adult.
176. We ___ show our passports when we left the country.
177. His boss refused ___ him the day off.
178. We had very little petrol left in the car but we ___ get home in the end.
179. By this time tomorrow, they ___ in San Francisco.
180. When do you think you ___ painting the house?
181. There are still ___ people who feel unhappy about the changes.
182. ___ of us feel like going out on a cold, wet, winter's night.
183. Mum says she ___ to cook pasta for dinner tonight.
184. The teacher wanted to know why ___ his homework last night.
185. They told ___ start work the following Monday.
186. If she ___ to wear glasses, she could have been a pilot.
187. They ___ here by now if the train had been on time.
188. If I hadn't ignored my parents advice, I ___ a great musician.
189. You'd ___ late for work again of you'll get fired.
190. She went to the doctor because she keeps ___ headaches.
191. It's not worth ___ about. He won't notice it's missing.
192. She finally stopped ___ when the price of cigarettes went up again.
193. I'll never ___ snow for the first time.
194. We ___ a serious accident when you drove through that red light.
195. The neighbours ___ the noise of the party. It was terribly loud.
196. The gym ___ I go to work out, is open 24 hours a day.
197. I wasn't keen on the restaurant ___ we went to last weekend.
198. They're having lunch with his girlfriend's parents, ___ live in Brighton.
199. I almost fell over a pile of books ___ on the carpet.
200. A book ___ by a 12-year old girl has won a 2,500 Euro award.

Thank you for taking the English Level Test. We look forward to welcoming you to Interlink School of Languages.