Levels and English Level Test Information

Each language course is based on the General English Programme of 20 x 50 minute morning lessons per week.  The General English Programme is designed to develop all aspects of a student’s language competence:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spoken interaction & spoken production

We establish your current ‘theoretical’ level before you arrive by asking you to complete a level test that contains grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic language questions. On your first day we test your speaking and listening skills, place you in the correct level class, and your teacher then carefully further assesses your language level for the first two days to ensure that you are in the correct level class. When your level and class are confirmed we issue you with a text book and then teach and assist you in developing and advancing your overall level. Your progress depends on the level you start at, your ability and your dedication. Everyone has different aims and learns at different speeds, in different environments, and in different ways. It is important to realise that language levels are not ‘linear’ – that is, the time needed to move from A1 to A2 may not be the same as that needed to move from B1 to B2, or C1 to C2, and progress from level to level may slow down as a person moves up the levels. We are cautious in trying to predict how long it will take to move from one level to the next, but on average, to move from one level to another requires a 10 week course based on studying 20 lessons per week. We sometimes speed this up or slow it down according to the needs of the students in the class. Quick tests, weekly tests and progress tests are written throughout the course. In order to advance to another level a minimum percentage of 60% for the end of course test is required.

  •  A – A1: BEGINNER
  • C1 – C2: ADVANCED