About our School

Who We Are

Established in 1998, Interlink School of Languages is registered as a close corporation, registration no.1998/051341/23. It is an independently-owned language school. Interlink School of Languages is a smaller school committed to excellent service standards. Throughout its twenty-year existence, it has built a solid foundation and an excellent reputation, receiving the majority of its students by word of mouth. Interlink is ideal for your more independent, discerning clients looking for quality and a high level of personal attention.


Education South Africa

In 2009, the youth travel industry in South Africa established a new association which represents every area of youth travel in the destination – accommodation, volunteers and internships, transport and tours, and education. It is known as SAYTC – South African Youth and Travel Confederation. There are four components of SAYTC: BSA (Backpackers South Africa) for accommodation, VolSA (Volunteers South Africa) for all volunteer, work and internship companies, TATSA (Tours and Transport South Africa) for all travel, tour and transport companies and EduSA (Education South Africa) for all language centres, educational institutions, youth exchange programmes and summer schools. The main purpose of EduSA is to represent everything that has to do with Edu-Tourism in South Africa, and to allow educational centres involved with education in South Africa, whether this pertains to foreign or local clients, the opportunity to benefit from belonging to a national organization that has countrywide, regional and local interests at heart, while also providing the best possible platform for promoting South Africa as a major destination for youth travel.

Customer Service Excellence Award

Every year LanguageCourseSL requests evaluations from more than a thousand language course students worldwide in order to honour language schools which provide outstanding services to their clients. As a result of these evaluations LanguageCourseSL presents an annual Excellence Award to those language schools, which receive the highest customer satisfaction ratings worldwide. Interlink School of Languages was awarded the 2005, 2006,2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016 & 2019 Excellence Awards as our students rated our overall service as excellent. The Excellence Awards not only recognize the accomplishments of the school with respect to its quality of service but it also gives us the opportunity to certify to potential clients the high standards applied in our organization.